Medical Event Cover

Are you considering holding a public event? A fete, a sporting tournament or a village festival for example.

We would urge everyone organising an event to consider what risks and dangers there are for people attending. What type of audience will be attending, and what activities they will be taking part in, amongst other considerations.

Event organisers have a duty of care to everybody attending, but do not have to provide medical cover. They are, however, legally bound to this duty of care and to keep people safe. So, where there is even a minimal risk of injury, they need to ensure that they have taken the necessary steps to respond to potential incidents.

Central Fast Response is a professional team of medically trained individuals who are very experienced in medical event cover and fully insured. They can provide medical cover for your event. So, why not let us take away the worry and keep you safe?  All we ask is a voluntary donation that will further our charity vision of training individuals in the community.

If you are interested in medical event cover please contact us

We will carry out a ‘ needs  assessment’ about the event  and consider a range of factors such as the number of people attending, what time of year it is, what activities are taking place (for example, a high-contact sport is likely to produce more injuries than a bingo event), previous casualty rates and how close the event is to an A&E department.


If organising large-scale music and similar events, we would recommend reading The Purple Guide, designed to help event organisers manage health and safety. Look at all hazards and risks involved and seek to remove or mitigate them.